And the road goes on forever...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Village, Amherst, WI

Our new village is the kind where you can expect to stop driving to let the squirrels scamper across the street. They must have grown to expect it from other villagers since they run out without looking both ways, busy on these fall days gathering whatever to make it through the coming winter. 

The Tomorrow River traverses town and is damned at one end creating a shallow small lake which abuts lucky homeowner’s lots. The lots are deep, shaded with huge trees and moist green grass. Even the library features grounds and benches overlooking the water. The homes are older and most offer front porches for those indolent summer evenings.
There is an 1890’s bank with sweet, helpful personnel; a hardware store, antique stores, several restaurants and bars. The post office, like the library, is small and uncrowded. The local phone company has the monopoly on providing TV and internet service with an interminable wait of over two weeks. 

There is a local family owned market should weather be too inclement to make it into Stevens Point to the larger stores. There’s a nice newer school and two service stations and various other businesses I haven’t gotten around to as yet.
The part that I am enjoying most is taking Rocket to the riverside park for his afternoon frolics. The river meanders slowly by, the birds twitter and flit from the trees, the squirrels scamper here too, and all seems totally serene as I watch ducks preen themselves and float by. It’s a beautiful park and I always have it all to myself, which is a wonder. I am watching fall turn bit by bit. The corn behind us has been harvested and you can see the Travel Supreme has been put to rest for the year behind our series of apartment garages out of everyone’s way. We’re getting settled in.