And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beachcombing Days at an End

We thought we might have the chance to extend our seaside stay here in Florence, where we’ve enjoyed great weather this past month but plans changed on a dime yesterday. The job offer Marc has been working on finally came in so very soon we are Wisconsin-bound! Yup, just in time for winter, ha! 

Actually, the company said they would like to see Marc be able to start within two weeks but that is cutting things awfully tight given that we need to return to Bend to pick up some of our stuff there and then make the 1200 mile drive to Yuma to further pack some things and thence 2000 miles to Wisconsin. We had hoped there might have been time to handle totally dealing with Yuma and getting it on the market this year but that’s just not going to be possible. As it is, it will require Marc to make two quick trips;, the first with the rig and my car and as much as we can stuff into the RV, then he will fly back out to Yuma, pick up the Dodge and his cargo trailer filled with household goods and tools and then make the return drive to Stevens Point, WI. 

Stevens Point sits approximately in the middle of the state and is a bucolic town of 25,000 on the banks of the Wisconsin River. It is a four year university town with good services, down-home 1800’s brick beauty, the Point Brewery, a flavorful farmer’s market, and a pleasant mix of vintage and new housing. The company has indicated they can provide temporary housing for as long as we need in the form of an unfurnished two bedroom, two bath apartment with a garage and all appliances, including washer and dryer, so we will likely rent that to begin with. It is nearby in the village of Amherst, the location of Marc’s new office.
Blog posts could be few and far between for awhile since we will be so pressed for time and also without dependable internet connection. Off to a new life; it all starts tomorrow.