And the road goes on forever...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Time to Leave

Just as the others complete their mass exodus from Yuma, so we’ll be joining the tail of the bandwagon Thursday morning; back to the grind of more Chili’s projects in California. Our first stop will be Bakersfield for three weeks. The company has indicated that they have enough work to keep Marc busy the rest of the year.

I managed to get several yard projects completed, including pepping things up with some vivid paint colors, refurbing some patio furniture, and finally getting my real-honest-to-goodness fountain that I’ve always desired, purchased and installed! Too bad I won’t be around to enjoy it--it is supremely relaxing! Marc finally replaced the water pump in the Travel Supreme so we may be able to boondock once again. Bakersfield is only about 400 miles but that is really more than we like to drive in one day and that distance also becomes very hard on our little boy Rocket since he rides on my lap the entire time as I follow in the car. He does well for around six to seven hours then gets pretty agitated as though to say “Enough already!”