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Monday, November 19, 2012

Approaching Thanksgiving

We got moved back to the Anaheim RV park where we stayed in July yesterday. When I was here in July I thought it was a pretty good RV park as city ones go, but after the places we’ve had to stay recently I think this place is now a friggin PALACE! So, we’re happy campers to be back, especially given our spot, which allows us enough room to park both vehicles and a nice stretch of grass and picnic table. In actuality, we take up two spaces and due to our length, which the rates are based upon; this is a new record monthly price of $1333. The city of Anaheim sees fit to charge a whopping 17% room tax folks. Right now there is no one on the only side with a space so there are views out every window for Rocket to where he can watch the activity.

Losing our ability to RV the way we are used to (boondocking) has really taken the wind out of our sails and made the lifestyle very tedious. It amazes me that most RVers would choose to travel and live the lifestyle like this (staying in RV parks), with a sea of RVs eight foot outside of every window. Where is the fun in THIS?

I have determined that November has become a melancholy month for me. I am keenly feeling the inability to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Bend and it is a month of reflection and loss. Reflection as I approach my 63rd birthday soon and wonder what I am doing with my life just sitting in an enclosed space all the time, and loss on the two year anniversary of my father’s death. It also didn’t help to lose our beloved Tucker this month either.

Marc’s new project will start this coming Sunday night although he may end up doing some fill in type work this week. With Marc working the hours he does it feels as if we have no life. He gets so little time off putting in 60 hour weeks, that he sleeps that time away when it is available. His new problem now is that his feet are really bothering him after spending so many hours straight on them that even if he wanted to do something on a day off, his feet won’t allow it.

 I’ll quit complaining and turn to how much fun we have with Rocket. He is growing bigger, much more mature, although he still surprises us constantly with the silly things he does and places he goes. Nothing within the RV is sacred—if it is within his reach, it

is fair game. 

He’s mamma’s sweet boy every morning though, as he sits quietly on my lap while I am on the computer trying to type. We’ve become very bonded. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.