And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Not much has been happening on the home front beyond the cycle of Marc working, sleeping and commuting. We moved a couple of weeks ago to a much nicer and cleaner RV park in Redlands which will only be about five minutes from Marc’s next job. Spaces are densely packed but the park is well kept and folks are friendly. In the meantime though, until the Chili’s starts on the 28th, he has been doing fill-in work on other stuff as far away as Orange—a two hour, 45 mile drive in dense LA traffic. With the recent run-up in California fuel prices, his commute costs jumped to around a $150/week—ouch!
Being on the fringe of the greater LA area, Redlands appears to be a fairly clean and maneuverable town with good shopping. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still very crowded here but nothing like Van Nuys. I haven’t really ventured out much however, since Marc rarely gets any time off. Just how much shopping does a person living in an RV need to do? Marc is still doing 70 hour weeks and mostly six to seven days a week. 

So life plods on uneventfully; I try and just suck it up knowing Marc has it much worse than me. Although we are experiencing a cool-down in temperatures finally, it appears as though it will again jump up to mid to high 80’s within the ten day extended forecast. Southern California=endless summer I guess.