And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Sweet Addition

I guess it was bound to happen—get a broken heart from the absence of a dear pet and one feels as though they must get a replacement. Our golden boy Tucker is not in any way a lap cat as Derby was so I was missing the affection terribly. We have always had cats our entire married life but usually rescue stray adults and have had only one we raised from a kitten, Skitter, our first cat together.  

I made the mistake of making a trip to the Yuma Humane Society shelter on Marc & I’s 24th anniversary Tuesday to look at kittens, figuring a young one would be much easier to train to be a traveling cat. Initially thinking I might want a female, I neglected to look at one little male who immediately started vocalizing to me as I walked in the door. Later, when I took Marc back to look at the little black female kitten she proved to not like to be around other cats so that let her out. We started at square one, looking at and handling all the kittens until this little guy’s persistent calls to me insisted I take him out of his cage. Well, with a face like this, who could resist?

We had to leave him at the shelter so he could be neutered the next day so we finally picked him up late in the afternoon yesterday and right from the start he is proving to be a pistol. Despite having just had the surgery, he rocketed around the RV, currently filled with boxes from us getting it packed to hit the road again; thus finding his new name. He found all the nooks and crannies endlessly fascinating and was just hilarious the first time he saw himself in a mirror.
Rocket is proving to be extremely affectionate and adaptable, meeting Tucker fairly well and taking to the cat condo as his rightful perch and napping place. What a sweet little boy we lucked on to!