And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life at the Crossroads

I have always loved this picture of Marc and it seems to aptly describe our current situation. We were in Wisconsin on one of our every weekend bike trips when the road suddenly petered out and offered up a “Detour” sign. Like any good navigator does, I offered him up a road map so he could see the bigger picture. The bike has GPS built in, but often the bigger picture looks somehow different.

In most lives, there comes a time when we are presented with those crossroads that Robert Frost so aptly wrote about. Take one and you go on to live probably a vastly different life than had you chosen the other. The problem at the time is how do you know which one will be best?

Marc and I have spent agonizing hours contemplating our next move. Recently we’ve felt on the edge of one of those Y’s in life—go left and be flung off to this trajectory; go right and travel to a far different destination. Life isn’t going to allow us to remain on our previous main path; it just doesn’t work that way.

So, once we have our trailer axle fix done, it will be time to choose one of those pathways and commit to something we hope with all our hearts won’t be the lesser of the two. For us, the choice boils down to continuing our wandering ways or to dive back into a static lifestyle of routine and commitment to one location, for likely the rest of our lives. Hey, most others manage to do it….