And the road goes on forever...

Friday, December 10, 2010

When in Rome...

What’s that saying: Do as the Romans do? The Gila Mountain Church not too far from us was offering up a city-wide yard sale Friday and Saturday so I hauled my mother out as the sun was coming up and we fought for a parking space alongside the roadway. Lines were long and we didn’t realize there were several segments, all separately fenced off from one another and wouldn’t you know it, we waited in the men’s line, i.e. sports and outdoor equipment, tools, electronics, etc. Upon realizing our mistake once inside we quickly retreated to other areas!

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many grey-hairs in one place together so it didn’t take me long among the pressing crowds to swipe up several treasures—beer cozies at .20 and several kitchen gadgets like strainers and whisks at the same price. Topped off by two new lacy embellished pillow cases, all pressed and folded neatly for $1 and I was ready to bear the checkout lines. An hour later, and we were free to make our way back down the road to the car with an out of pocket expense of $2.20.

This day followed on the heels of earlier this week also cavorting among the grey-hairs in downtown Yuma at the Welcome Back Winter Visitor’s festival. That was mostly a bust for us as we didn’t care to divulge our personal information in order to enter the myriad drawings for free dinners, etc. that all the vendors were using to suck suspects in. We did have fun touring the downtown businesses however, which consist mostly of antique and gift stores.

In another post, I’ll update you on our four-wheeling trip out to Fortuna. Yeah, we’ve been keeping busy! And Tucker loves being back “home”.