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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Mom outdid herself this year, feeling the need to have her family close and supportive. We opted to celebrate Thanksgiving early so that both my son and daughter-in-law could join us as today was their only common day off this entire week. Hillary has to work on Thanksgiving. Daughter Rachael however, was unable to make the trip over the snowy mountain pass from Seattle as she has to work tomorrow. With the weather forecast, it appears like the end of the coming week could be the best weather window for us to try and escape the Central Oregon deep freeze to the warmer south, so maybe it will be possible for us to be traveling on the real Thanksgiving.

A moment of silence was observed for my dad just before we sliced into the huge apple pie Mom had made with his help. He had peeled and cut the apples for her and made comment that he wished he didn’t have to wait until Thanksgiving before being able to enjoy it. Alas, that was not to be, so I think it made Mom sad that she had denied baking it for him beforehand but who can foresee these things? Otherwise the day was one of fond remembrance and rueful sadness at his absence from the head of the table. I suppose the first holiday is always the hardest. But for a few short weeks we would have been back to see him still alive and enjoying that piece of apple pie he so yearned for.

Enjoy your friends and family; travel safely if you’re going somewhere this holiday, and give thanks for those around you. To you and yours: Happy Thanksgiving!