And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day One of Travel; July 29, Laramie Boondock

I have figured out the secret to a great boondocking spot. If you can leave your window blinds up all night, you’re good to go! Tonight we are atop the Medicine Bow National Forest Mountains just east of Laramie. I had remembered we boondocked here before, probably back about 2000 because I remember the two cats we had that went out and scratched on a wooden rail fence are no longer alive. I had Marc turn off at exit 323 (Happy Jack Road), cross over I-80 and take the spur highway saying “campgrounds”. Actually, we didn’t need to go so far as to find a campground; what I remember from our long ago boondocking spot has changed substantially but the split rail fence is still there. Instead of a dirt track leading down to a rough parking area, it has now been built up and paved and a pay station has been installed since this is a national forest trailhead. Regardless, we are at the far end of the pavement area, numerous cops and sheriffs have driven by and no one has bothered us so I think we’re fine. With previously made-this-morning crab brushetta awaiting us for dinner and some Chardonnay on the side, life is very relaxed at this moment. But of course I have no internet so will have to wait to post this.

Without mishap we have made 371 miles today; most of it uphill. We do have some trailer tires starting to show excessive and rapid sheering however so Marc plans to rotate a couple of them to see if that buys some time. Early morning I know we face the twenty mile long downgrade into Cheyenne, WY and then basically flat ground after that. Goodbye west; goodbye our ability to find great boondocking like this. I’ve been told it simply doesn’t exist in the Midwest or east. We shall see.