And the road goes on forever...

Monday, November 23, 2009


Marc was successful in fixing the Freightliner’s fuel injector problem on his own. After checking in with the CAT garage and getting an ungodly estimate of around $1000 for the fix, he took the bull by the horns and ordered an online injector through the very helpful Oregon Fuel Injectors out of Eugene. In a go for broke move that involved fashioning special tools out of some throw-away wrenches he carries along just for such occasions, he wrestled and wrestled with getting the fuel injector out of its slot in his makeshift “garage”. Finally, it broke loose, allowing the new one to be installed without mishap. The truck is idling much smoother and now acts like its ready to roll. Total savings: about $800!

Speaking of rolling, we’ve been doing lots of that recently in Buckley’s high winds. We’re closing in on a week’s worth of high winds and rain and woke one morning to find our stuff, including a heavy milk crate strewn about the lawn area feet from the rig. Believe me; we’re not normally this messy of a camper! Marc snuck in a picture on our one day of sunshine in the last two weeks so we can prove that occasionally Washington does get sun in winter. I was still too sick to get out and enjoy it.

This week should bring some of the final tasks necessary for the completion of one side of the duplex. The flooring was completed and looks fantastic given what was in there before. Some new replacement doors will arrive Tuesday and after Marc gets them hung I should be able to complete my final clean. It will be nice to put this one to bed and be on our way.