And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still Digging Holes

Things haven’t changed much around here since getting rid of all our company—Marc is back hard at work digging more holes. He and Bill got the last of the gravel delivered and spread and then Marc commenced to doing a trench to install a new hookup on the guest side of our lot. The other pole was set before we had so many motorhomes staying, and it required a long electrical cord which many RVers don’t seem to possess. Problem solved. That’s my guy; working hard till dark!

Marc took some time out to try and help our neighbor practice for his motorcycle license. The poor kid has failed to pass the test four times and really needs to take a motorcycle safety class to learn better how to operate his brand new bike. We fear for his safety!

Me? Well, I’m continuing to enjoy the daily sun and supervise of course!